Missing items in engrave panel?

i’m trying to modify the width of the bars (specially because the last 4 bars of the tune are way shorter than the rest and the tune finish in the middle of the page instead of at the end like all the others staves…)
So, in engrave mode i guess i should find the option, but on the screenshot here you can see what i see… Is it normal i only have those choices an nothing more on the left panel?

Thank you !

Uncheck the option in Layout Options > Note Spacing > Only justify final system when more than x% full.
That will fix the last system.

You can also set a larger (or smaller) Note Spacing Value, which should globally affect the spacing of the bars.

Is this Dorico Elements or SE? There are normally more tools in Engrave mode.

Looks like @T.D is running Dorico Elements.

I downloaded the 1-month free version to try before buying,
but you think i’m running Elements and it would be the reason why ?

If you’ve got a trial of Dorico Pro, it’s possible you accidentally started up as Elements by holding down a modifier key during startup. Try restarting Dorico and see if it runs as Pro, and therefore the other left toolbox options should be available in Engrave mode.

I confirm, Dorico Elements is the version installed here. That’s why i guess, i’ll have to buy the full version !