Missing Key command?

Hi - I have set up a key command for ‘extend to next note’, but I can’t find ‘Extend note to end of select’ (the one of the two I am using most so far) so I can set up a key command for that.


Somewhat unexpectedly (even to me) it’s in Selection and Navigation > Extend to End of Selection.

Daniel’s pointed this one out to you, but you should find in the future that entering a portion of the command in the search bar returns helpful results. In this case, “extend” alone would probably have gotten you close enough to find it.


Thanks - I think whoever arranged these did it on the basis of the last word in each one rather than the function - so ‘extend to next note’ classified under note - whereas ‘Extend note to end of selection’ was placed under ‘Selection and Navigation’. I did actually do a search as suggested but having seen the first few in the list were clearly navigation and selection I didn’t read as carefuly as I should have done to the end of the list.

Anyway sorted now - Thanks again.