Missing key commands

Hello. All the key commands are lost, how can I reinstall them? We had to empty and reinstall out computers at work and since then the key commands has been lost. Dorico 3.5.12

Usually, your keycommands_yourlanguage.json is safe in your user library from 3.5 and is copied to the 4.2 folder in that same directory (on mac, user library /Application support/Steinberg /Dorico 4)
Simply copy it from there if it hasn’t come through the update process…

So someplace here the .json-file should be? If I don’t have any (can’t find anyplace on the computer) can I find it someplace?

Well yes. If there’s none, then no wonder it wasn’t copied to the Dorico 4 folder… It’s only your own shortcuts there, so either you haven’t created any (which I doubt), or something has deleted that file from that folder (but I don’t recall anybody ever reported such thing on the forum).

Welcome to the forum, Stefan. If you didn’t manage to back up your user-level app data folder for Dorico before your computer was reset, then I’m afraid those shortcuts are lost, and you’ll need to recreate them. (Just like any other file that you don’t back up before you wipe your computer, of course.)

Thanks for the answers (Marc as well). I wonder if I could download the .json-file for English someplace? Or should I uninstall and reinstall Dorico somehow to get the default and English key commands back?

[Edit] Im here as an employee now, Im also at this forum privately, not by the private computer atm to try to locate the .json-files.

Unless you’ve gone into the Dorico application package and deleted files from inside the bundle, then at least the default shortcuts should be available even though you have no custom shortcuts.

Here I seem to have no key command, checked all languages ( I should see it here shouldn’t I?)

Even if you change Keyboard language to Default?


That specific command doesn’t have any defined shortcut by default, anyway. If you open the menus, do you see shortcuts shown in any of the menus, e.g. for standard items like Cut, Copy and Paste in the Edit menu?

Darn, I’ve used the reference-poster and might have made my own out of that one and after the reinstall I couldn’t find this, and looked it up in the reference poster again and then assumed it was gone.

Strange I don’t find the .json file at all in any Steinberg folder I can find. So you mean the reference-poster isn’t based on standard key commands (I know I made some alterations since I have Swedish keyboard but this is one of the commands I can’t remember I’ve added).

Thanks for helping a confused and tired Dorican. =)