Missing Keyboard shortcuts?

Big request for perhaps an incremental update: more keyboard shortcut slots for filtering! The filtering options in Dorico are really spectacular, especially being able to choose whether include or exclude. And being able to use two-stroke shortcuts is a huge leap over Sibelius, I love it!
However, there don’t seem to be any way to assign shortcuts for a few important things, such as:

Top note, 2nd note, bottom note, etc
Toggle between select/deselect
Filter certain voices

Do these exist somewhere I’m not seeing, or could they possibly be added soon? Thanks!!!

Workaround (on Mac at least), here:

Filtering top notes, 2nd notes, etc., and filtering voices are very difficult to expose in the Key Commands editor as things stand because they rely on information that they build up at the time the menus are displayed, rather than being static. You will notice that the number of items in e.g. Edit > Filter > Voices changes depending on the number of voices active on the staff. It dynamically creates the appropriate commands based on the actual IDs of the voices active on the staff. You therefore can’t create a key command for this, because the IDs will be different not only for every project, but potentially even for every instrument within the same project. In future we may well come up with a clever solution for this, but I’m afraid not in the immediate future.

I add my 2 cents in support of Keyboard Maestro (KM). I set up all the keystrokes I can in Dorico, but when I need stuff that includes multiple steps, or stuff Dorico can’t assign keystrokes to, I turn to KM.

For example, I have 20 or 25 devoted just to dynamics. I can select a passage, and with just two quick keystrokes cause the dynamics popover to open, type in a cresc or decresc from any dynamic to any dynamic, and type the Enter key. It’s WAY faster than manually opening the popover and typing the desired dynamics.

Altogether I have about 60 KM shortcuts, many of them mirroring the ones I used to use in Sibelius, and Finale before that. I highly recommend KM.

Lew Buckley, Is it possible with KM to, for example, access the ‘Filter second notes’ and other filters that are inaccessible as Key Commands? Thanks.

Dear Kevin,
the answer is yes.
You can assign a lot of different tasks to be done thanks to KM. In this case, you will as him to:
1.click Edit menu
2.open Filter sub-menu
3.open Notes in Chords sub-menu
4.click on Second notes or Single notes

KM can also be told to wait for a certain amount of time between each step, if you need to launch an app to perform the operation… It is really extremely powerful !

For instance, you can program a keystroke that could create a new Dorico project with your favourite setup, for instance string quartet or Voice and Piano… If this is something you do on a daily basis, it will save you time !

Thanks Marc! I’ll give it a try.

Hi, Kevin,

I just double-checked to be sure I wasn’t giving you bad info, and they worked. I have shortcuts set up to select top or bottom notes, up-stem or down-stem voices, and line one or two in lyrics. Those are the only sub-submenu choices in the Filter menu—all the rest are single submenu items whose shortcuts you can set up right in Dorico preferences (though you could also do those in KM if you had a particular reason to.)

So have at it!

Tuzmusic, I thought you might like to see how easy it is to set up a Keyboard Maestro shortcut. One of the attached pics is the actual editing of a shortcut to Select the Top notes.

The other is a pic showing that you can in fact set a Dorico keystroke to trigger Select Only or Deselect Only, which was one of the things you asked about.

You used the word Toggle; if you truly want to toggle between those instead of choosing one or the other, you’ll have to use Keyboard Maestro. It can do If-Then checks, as in, essentially, “If menu item Select Only is Checked, then check menu item Deselect Only. Otherwise, then check Select Only.”

I had mine set to toggle originally, but since I couldn’t see which one was currently set without dropping the menu down, which defeats the purpose of a shortcut, I set up Dorico keystrokes for each and just choose the one I want. The difference is that my way sets up two Dorico keystrokes, one for Select and the other for Deselect. The other way (toggle) uses just one KM keystroke to reverse the condition it’s currently set for.

Hope this helps.

Another solution here working for PC users : https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=142815