Missing kits in GA5

If I start GA5 as a VST (not in Cubase any more its too unreliable) in my reliable (not Cubase) DAW, all the kits except 20 are missing. Its the same if I start GA 5 standalone. All of the kits are visible in the library manager.

Any ideas please?

When seeking help you should indicate f PC or Mac. Their file and path systems operate differently.
Im using GA5 and am investigating how the librarian operates to display its info.
The problem you’re getting is definitely down to paths used by Groove Agent and its storing of VSTsound files and probably how shortcut (pc) or alias (mac) files are located when the librarian moves files. GA will need either the original file in ts contact VSTsound content location (there’s more than one if you use multiple steinberg products e.g. Halion. Cubase etc.) or a shortcut / alias file in that location which points to the actual VSTsound file.