Missing kits in Groove Agent 5

Hi everyone

I have previously been using Cubase 8.5 and in that I had Groove Agent 4 I think… Or maybe 3, I don’t remember :slight_smile:
Then I upgraded to Cubase 10 and Groove Agent was in that upgrade also upgraded to version 5…

Now I have been working with that and I have been thinking that I remember some kit names from the old one, that I can’t find it now… I remember a kit called Chartbreaker and it is not there in Groove Agent 5… And then yesterday I opened an old project made on Cubase 8.5 and noticed it had that snare drum from I remembered from the Chartbreaker kit. So I opened Groove Agent and saw that it used a drum kit named Hippo Kit… OK, so maybe it has just been remaned in Groove Agent 5 I thought… But… when I choose a new kit, and search for Hippo, the kit is not there… So when I open old project the kit is there, but I cannot find it in the drum kits when making new projects…

Does anyone have an idea on what is going on here?

I’m looking for Hippo Kit too! Was there in GA SE 4 but not in v5 of GA or GA SE.