Missing libraries after Cubase Artist 10 update from Artist 9.5

Hi, I,m new to posting so hope I do this ok.

I seem to have really messed up my Cubase installation when I tried to update to Cubase Artist 10 from Artist 9.5. Previously I had everything working well on my Windows 10 PC - all the included libraries worked and Cubase would start up and function fully without issue. My trouble started after I downloaded the update (yesterday) and tried to perform the upgrade. Initially Cubase 10 opened up fine and I still had all of my original 9.5 content but the new content that comes in version 10 was not there (new loops and samples etc).

I eventually located the content by browsing in file manager and tried to work out why Cubase didn’t automatically install it but couldn’t find any info - so then I tried to direct Cubase to it through the Library manager, but the additional content doesn’t show up in there. I tried to add a new default location but nothing happened. I tried to manually copy and paste it into the same folder as the original content but failed there too.

I figured i’d installed Cubase 10 incorrectly so tried to uninstall everything and start afresh. Now i’m in a real mess as Cubase gives multiple missing file / library dialogs when booting up and I can’t seem to locate any of the files successfully and can’t understand why it doesn’t know where the new bundled content should be.

I’m now stuck with a faulty Cubase 10 installation (barely and sound libraries), and no Cubase 9.5 installation anymore and no clue how to wipe the slate clean and begin again so to speak.

I have a 250gb SSD c drive with Windows 10 64 bit installed, and a 1tb raid (mirrored) array D drive for all my data and software. I have tried to install Cubase 10 and content onto both C drive initially, then uninstalled and tried D drive (but would prefer D drive as it’s much bigger) with the same mess resulting. I have no issues with licencing or audio, just library issues. Cubase 10 the actual application works fine once I have skipped all of the missing library dialogs.

Cubase Artist 9.5 installed perfectly as an Upgrade from Cubase Essentials 9.5, so i’m wondering how i’ve messed this up so badly!

Any help or advice would be greatly received.

Hi and welcome,

Download Cubase 10 Full Installer, and install from this.

Sometimes you have to go into sub folders and run some installers manually. This happened t me when I reinstalled a few days ago. Was missing patches in hailing’s sonic (b-box)

This is what I did btw but it didn’t work. See my previous post.


The content should be installed on the C drive. If you want to have it on the D drive, make an aliases of all the *.vstsound files (or the whole folder). Keep the small aliases files on the C drive, and move the sources (large files) to the D drive.