MIssing Licence - no support from Steinberg!

Hello everyone,
I have migrate couple of month from Windows to MAC M1. I have installed Cubase but did not have time to full utilize Cubase because I had in production in Logic and Ableton. But I need to solve issue with licenses.
Now I do not have access to presets for Grove agent, Halion; Padshop etc.
I already reinstall full Cubase 11 but no change issue is still happening.
I have tried it via eLicense Control Panel. I do see USB Licenser and soft eLicenser. I hit maintenance task but Step 1 update license database Failed. I have tried that multiple times.
SO I am still in limbo no licenses however I do have Cubase 11 Pro I cannot use it at all.
Here is the second problem, The support of Steinberg is bad. I have opened ticket via email but no respond on it. The phone number listed for steinberg support is number of Fax. so as a user I am dissatisfied with product and with support too.

Did you activate your license? You where sent and activate code, that you need to enter into Steinberg Download Manager I think - Then they activate your license on the Licenser? Please see your emails for the activate code.

Forgive me if I have some of the detail wrong, but that is sort of the process. I just did it, but cant remember all the correct names.

I am sorry for the bad experience. The fax number that is listed for Yamaha will be corrected, hopefully soon. In general, support for Slovakia is handled by Yamaha directly, but I have reached out to you via our ticket system to see what can be done.


If you install the latest eLCC application, the license database is up to date, so you don’t have to update it manually. Cubase Pro 11 license sits on the USB-eLicenser. So once you plug the USB-eLicenser in, you should be ready to go.

Here is the list of the local support representatives.

What is your problem exactly?
Don’t have the content available, or not having a working Cubase at all?