Missing licences

Hi, here’s the problemo:
I installed Cubase, Wavelab Studio and a newer Wavelab LE on Win 7 and the Elicencer USB updated to the latest version on this computer
(in the older computer it was a lot older version).
Now, plugging the USB-stick back to my old XP, it does’nt find any licences and the programs won’t start. What to do?
Thanks, all help is appreciated!
Here’s a couple of pics, it’s the same error with Cubase.
Errror message.JPG

Any ideas on how to start the troubleshooting, I would really need to get it work back with Cubase and Wavelab on Win XP since I’m in a middle of a important project.

I’m no expert on how the eLicenses work, but if you go to the links below you might find some info that will help.