Missing license for Dorico Pro 2 in ELCC

Hi, I’ve just purchased a new computer and intend to re-install several versions of Dorico which I have over there. I purchased Dorico Elements 2.0, Dorico Pro 2.0 (Education) and installed a version of Dorico Pro 3 (Education) which was available as a free upgrade. However, my soft e-Licenser for Dorico Pro 2 is missing from eLCC. I’m not sure when this happened; I’m trying to find a way to recover the missing SeL. I have invoices for Dorico Elements 2 and Dorico Pro 2 as proof of purchase. Any alternative workarounds would be helpful too.

Thank you for reading; I appreciate the help!

Did you look into the support pages from Steinberg?

If you have a valid Dorico 3 license because of an upgrade, it includes all prior Dorico versions.
So you should be able to open Dorico 2 with a valid Dorico 3 license.

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Hi, this worked! I didn’t realise that Dorico 2 would come installed with 3. Thanks!

No problem. In case you’d like to upgrade in the future, beware that Dorico 4 is the big exception: Since Version 4, Dorico uses Steinberg Licensing, which is different from the E-Licenser used before.
That means that you need a valid E-Licenser for anything up to Dorico 3.5, and Dorico 4 doesn’t come with a License for Dorico 3.5, for example.