Missing license?

Hello everyone,

Looking for some help on how I can get a new copy of my license to use for Cubase 11. I have the USB Elicenser but there is no license on it and have made the purchase for the product. trust me, the money has left my account. My email has no trace of anything from steinberg regarding a activation code, license or anything like that.

I’ve tried contacting support 5 times now (3 by a typed request and 2 by phone during their open hours) and nothing happened. this is my last resort. really not sure what i can do but i assumed this would be a simple straightforward process. have i done something wrong?

any help, especially a way to be put through to support would be fantastic. thanks!

where did you buy Cubase 11 from ?

just went on the steinberg cubase website and bought it through that.

If you buy from the Steinberg shop then the licences are sent via email - This usually comes through within a few seconds.

It’s possible that there is some aggressive spam filtering going on somewhere but that’s unlikely IMO.

It’s also possible you made a typo in your email address when you registered/bought. Have you tried logging back in to the shop. It lists your transactions and download/activation codes.

Remember that the shop login is not the same account as your MySteinberg account.

how can i log back into shop or review account transactions?


hi Joseph8888 - was your licence in your shop account ?

yes, it took me to a place where i could get the info i needed, thanks!

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