Missing License

Hi. I realise that this MAY have been addressed in other post, but I’m not sure the answers there help me. I upgraded from Dorico 4 to 5 on September 22nd 2023, and upon installing (making sure I had the latest download and licensing software beforehand) only receive the ‘No license for Dorico has been found in your account…,’ message. I have posted the same request on the Dorico Facebook page. Reading about ‘grace periods’ is a little confusing, but as far as I was concerned the £85 it cost to upgrade as a ‘previous’ customer should have meant a smooth transition as it was ffor earlier versions. Thanks in advance.

Hi, what Dorico license do you have right now on your Steinberg account?


What is showing up in Steinberg Activation manager?

Dorico 4 is still showing. Should I deactivate it?

When you bought the upgrade you should have got a mail containing an download access code. Have you entered that in the Download Assistant?

This code is adding the new release to your account and then it will show up in the Activation Manager.

It certainly appears that you have not yet redeemed your Dorico 5 update Download Access Code. You will have received a Download Access Code in the email you received from FastSpring, our online shop provider. Go here and click the big red Redeem your Download Access Code button, and paste in the DAC from the email you received from FastSpring. Then you can install and activate Dorico 5.

As simple as that! Thanks very much all. For some reason I moved that email into a specific folder to make sure it was easily findable…and then forgot about it. It’s been a long few years.