Missing Logical Presets In Menu

Hello There,

Upgraded to Cubase 7 (from 6.5).
Go to menu Midi > Logical Presets > [missing all factory items!]

There is one entry there - ‘transpose’ - which might be one I made a long time ago.
Opened Cubase 6.5 - they were all there in the menu as expected.

iMac OSX 10.8.5 16GB

I can see them via Finder in Cubase 7.app > Contents > presets > Logical Edit
but nothing via the Midi menu.

Updated to 7.0.6 but that didn’t help - still missing.

Any ideas, solutions?

Many thanks,

Yep… sometimes the installer doesn’t complete the process. Do the following…

  1. O.K. so you have found the Presets inside inside the Cubase 7 Package Contents…
  2. Open the Cubase 7 Preferences folder, in your User account.
    Open its “Presets” subfolder, and copy the Presets from the Package Contents folder into the corresponding folder there.

Thank you vic_france.

I was looking for something like Application Support in the User directory.
This article
confirmed where Preferences should be .
I looked there & didn’t see the Library folder (was sure I’d seen it in OSX 10.6).
This article
told me the were hidden… ( :unamused: thanks Apple…)
and to show them in Terminal run
chflags nohidden ~/Library/

The copied as you described - and the Presets are there.

Many thanks again vic_france.