Missing Logical presets menu in Cubase Elements 12

The Logical presets menu is not there in Cubase 12.

I know Logical presets are now stored in the Documents folder (Windows), but my “user presets\logical edit” folder is empty. Someone gave me a copy of those files and I pasted them in that folder, but it didn’t work.

I tried with a clean, fresh reinstall of Cubase, didn’t work.

Am I the only one with this issue?

Any Idea?


See Selecting Logical Editor Presets

I’m talking about Logical presets, not Logical Editor.

Logical editor is not available in Cubase Elements, but Logical presets used to be there in the Midi menu, and they are gone after I upgraded from 11 to 12.

I’m telling you that the menu has changed, and I supplied a link to the documentation.

This is how the Midi menu looks in Cubase Elements 12:


In Cubase Elements 11, there’s a an additional Logical presets menu, inside the Midi menu. I’m starting to think that Steinberg simply removed the Logical presets in Cubase Elements 12. Maybe other Elements users can confirm that.

The disappearance of the menu item “MIDI Logical Presets” really SUCKS.

If Steinberg think the Logical Editor is a key feature of Cubase, They should not have removed the menu item, I think.


Well, at least Cubase Pro users have the Logical Editor.

In Elements we used to have the Logical presets but now they are gone it seems.

In previous versions, sometimes the Logical presets dissapeared, but it was fixable by copying the actual presets from program files\steinberg to users\appdata\etc… but this time those presets are nowhere to be found. I tried with the presets from Cubase Elements 11, but it didn’t work.

@kennysynth this topic is about Elements, not Pro.

@Giovanni_Buchelli That’s interesting. I thought the Logical Editor was a Cubase Pro only feature.

There is still a key command for that, if you try it, what happens?

There’s no Logical Editor in Cubase Elements, but we used to have Logical presets.

I’m figuring that out now! d’oh!

There is still a key command for that, if you try it, what happens?


It worked!
The menu is gone but the presets browser is still there.

Thank you!

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Aaaand, the logical presets are gone again in CE 12.0.20 .

This time, both the “apply logical presets” and the logical editor window disappeared from the key commands menu, they are totally gone and nowhere to be found. They were already gone from the Midi menu since Cubase 12.0.

Something weird is going on with logical presets and Midi logical editor in Cubase Elements 12.

I think I’m coming back to Cubase 11.

The problem persists in 12.0.30
Midi logical presets are completely gone from Cubase Elements 12.0.30.
Any reason to remove them?

Interesting. I see that they are indeed not available in C. Elements 12 via key command.

But a look at the comparison table from Cubase 11 shows that it wasn’t supposed to be available in C, Elements 11. (in the Sequencing section of that archival page)

I wonder if it was included by mistake, and if they’ve “fixed” the error?

I think the comparison table mentions Project logical editor, not Midi logical editor or logical presets.

I’ve been using Cubase Elements since version 9 and logical presets were always there. It’s one of those very basic features, even Cubase LE and AI used to have logical presets.

Well, It does look like they removed it, unfortunately.

Not sure whether you’re saying that it’s supposed to just the PLE that’s not included?

Please view the link I provided.

But, there is room for doubt, since the presets are still placed in the User Settings Data folder, even though there’s no way to access.

I’ll see if I can find out one way or another.

Yeah, the presets are physically still there, but there’s no menu or key command to access them.

It’s weird.

Hi there, have you found something about this issue?