Missing Lugin GUI

Hi there,

I have moved from Cubase 6 to 8 and went relatively well. Couple of issues im sure you guys can help me with.

  1. I have a copy of Zebra VST which works fine on C6, however when i use it in 8 i cannot see the Zebra Gui. I just get a generic GUI (stienberg one) SO i cant see all the pots, sliders and patches from this.
    Anyone shed any light on this. Has it moved or the shortcut located somewhere else?

  2. I sent up my Virus TI on 6 pretty easily, installed the latest version and working great on all the 16 channels. Now on 8 i cannot open up an instance of the TI and get it to sound on more than 1 track, so 15 are quiet.

Im having to use an old 6 project where everything was wirking and open it with 8, which seems ok, however id just like to be able to go new midi channel select virus and away i go. Not happening.

Any help appreciated.

For 1) update Zebra to the latest version, you’re still using a 32bit only version.