Missing measure numbers in compound metre

I’ve encountered a possible bug, but it may be that I simply don’t know how to make Dorico do what I want.

I have a flow written in 7/4 time. I entered [4+3]/4,1 in the time signature popover to obtain my desired time signature.

I have manually added (using Shift+B, then colon) dashed bar lines that bisect each bar in the appropriate spot.

The problem is, there are no measure numbers showing at the beginning of each system. Is there a way to force measure numbers to appear if they don’t by default?


I thought I saw a way to create time-signatures automatically subdivided with dashed barlines, but for the life of me I cannot find it now in Engraving, Notation, or Layout options. (Perhaps I dreamed that Dorico could do anything.) I’m guessing that adding the dashed barlines yourself affects the measure count and may therefore affect the measure numbers appearing.

You can check to make sure you are forcing them by going to Layout Options.

FWIW, if you create the TS in the right panel as aggregate TS the dashed line will appear automatically and the bar numbers will be correct.

That’s right. Typing 4/4|3/4 in the popover will do it automatically. Much more elegant.

THAT’s what I saw; still can’t recall where.

Thanks so much for the responses! The aggregate time signature option is what I needed, and now my measure numbers are appearing on each system correctly.