Missing media files, moved cubase pro 11 directory to new pc

so im on cubase 12 pro now but my old cubase pro directory is for 11, i moved the directory 11 to an external drive and now im using it on a new pc windows 10 pro, problem is the audio files are all missing now i only have some instruments in place and all the verses and hooks of my song are missing now!!! im so pissed and frustrated, inside of every project for example song “drive today” it has everything in there including the main audio master files i make sure to make a audio file and place all the audio samples in there so why the hell does Cubase keep pulling this crap on me? I’m so lost with the pool window and missing media window i do not know how too work it its really complicated and when i try too look for files and i locate a folder to scan when i click on the folder it always pops up empty like there’s no files in there and the damn thing wont scan or find files, i have all the files but i need them back all in there place why why why does it always do this? what am i doing wrong? please help. and like always there’s nothing on the internet for Cubase that helps, no YouTube videos or anything .


If I understand you right, you moved the project’s source audio files to other location (external drive), right?

Then it’s expectable, Cubase cannot find the files anymore while loading the project. Luckily Cubase provides the Missing Files dialog, where you can point to the folder, where did you move the files.