Missing menu item 'MIDI - MIDI Logical Presets' in Cubase 12 Pro

I have been used Cubase for over a decade. The main reason I use Cubase is MIDI Logical Editor.

Before Cubase Pro 12, there was a menu item ‘MIDI - MIDI Logical Presets’. I could manage the folder structure, and the names of the presets in Finder(Mac). And I could access the individual menu items from KEYBOARD MAESTRO.

The Accessibility of the MIDI Logical Presets from Keyboard Maestro IS the KEY of my workflow. But it’s not available in Cubase 12.

PLEASE MAKE the ‘MIDI Logical Presets’ menu appear in near update.

I really regret to buy the C12 update because of the loss of menu item.

You might have to change your KM scripts to accommodate the update.

They will not be going back to the previous method, though I suppose the new method might be improved with time.

Take a look at how it works now: You hit Apply Preset and the dialog opens:

see also: Selecting Logical Editor Presets

That’s not true. " the new method might be improved with time"

The new method is VERY TIME CONSUMING. Shame on Steinberg and who decided to change it.

If they think the new method is better, THEY SHOULD KEEP the OLD METHOD with the new Preset Browser.


Maybe you’re right. but if you redo your KM shortcut, it will work going forward.

These are the reason I don’t want assign key commands for MIDI Logical Presets.

  1. The keyboard shortcuts are very limited in number. But it’s unlimited to make a new menu item and access the menu in KM (Keyboard Maestro).

  2. The shortcuts cannot be assigned LOGICALLY. Because no key command is reserved or dedicated for user presets. For example, I cannot have my key commands for all the alphabets in a row. Because some of them are already used in macOS or Cubase.

  3. If there is a way to trigger the MLE or PLE presets from the MIDI remotes, it would be the Plan B. If there is a DEDICATED SLOTS of MIDI REMOTE SIGNALS for TRIGGERING the MLE of PLE presets, it would be usable for dedicated MIDI device to trigger the presets.

BUT The most easy way is using the MIDI Logical Presets menu directly from KM or something similar.

I don’t mean Key Commands. I mean Keyboard Maestro.

What were the script steps for your old KM macro?

I know what you are saying. Let me explain my current workflow.

These are part of what I made (not refined, there are more presets that can insert CC, select on or off beat notes, delete specific MIDI events.) And in Cubase 11, those can be accessed directly with Keyboard Maestro. (no key commands assignment needed, they just can be accessed when they are in the menu.)

These are my Keyboard Maestro Macros. They can be remotely triggered with Metagrid app or other MIDI capable devices or apps.

I select some MIDI events in Key Editor. Press metagrid buttons that sends a specific MIDI message to Keyboard Maestro. And Keyboard Maestro triggers specific menu-item that could be accessible in Cubase 11.

The method have some advantages. I don’t need to assign every cubase key commands on MLP or PLE preset. I just make a KM macro with the specific menu item and trigger it with Metagrid or MIDI capable devices.

Key commands assignment for MLE presets are painful because I should avoid the default key commands or macOS specific key commands. But applying menu items directly from Keyboard Maestro is very handy.


I am saying there’s a way to do it from KM, with the same advantages. Sounds like you aren’t interested, so I’ll bid you a good day, sir.

Do you know any way to apply a MLE preset without key command assignment?

What is the way to modify KM script?