Missing MIDI controller causing me not be able to open projects

I’ve changed my midi contollers of late.

Unfortunately loading projects that reference my old controllers has meant that when the project loads I get stuck on the missing ports dialog. The system no longer responds. It will not let me pass the dialog.

Only for I have 3 different versions of Cubase on my system and one of my MacBook (Studio system is PC) I’ve been able to get one version or another to load past the dialog, then change any reference to the midi controller. From then it will load into 10.5.

Is there any way get an old project to not reference inputs or outputs in MIDI or Audio that no longer exist in hardware - BEFORE you load it ?

Hi Mart,

I’ve had the same issue in the past. Naming midi out ports that were originally named as JV-1080 but in the new setup JV1080? Cubase will punish you and not find the resemblance. It can only connect to the port with the exact name. :frowning:

So you have to make sure you’re midi out port is named exactly as when you created it the last time you saved this project. Or if it’s just a one time thing, after the project has opened, you can also select the correct midi output and then save the project again?

But if you have a of external gear and a lots of projects to adjust it can be very time consuming. That’s why I made a list for future reference of all the midi out port number and names I have in my system so I can easily rename them to this after a reinstall or transfer to another system. After you’ve set up the correct ports/names it will just connect to right port and you won’t get this popup anymore.