Missing Midi Port 4 in Cubase 6.5 with Motif XF8


I tried searching the forums in vain for a similar problem so I hope someone can help me out with this one.

Having worked in Cubase AI5 for a while following the purchase of my Motif XF8, I decided to opt for the full thing and recently purchased Cubase 6, upgrading it to 6.5 in the process.

I am trying to connect my Motif to Cubase via USB (no FW, etc.) through my audio interface and when I do this and go into Devices > Device Setup under MIDI port setup I see only 3 midi ports for ‘Yamaha Motif XF8’ wherease before (in AI5) I was seeing 4 ports. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

When I attempt a project using the Motif XF8 VST editor I get a ‘Communication Not Established’ error as well as a ‘Port Open Error’ which I’m thinking must be related to this, though it could be a separate communication issue, I suppose. Could it be I’m missing any extensions/downloads for Cubase 6/6.5? Any advice would be much appreciated.

As an update, I realize now that I only get this seeming ‘error’ when using the default Motif XF8 VST template for a new project in Cubase 6.5. If I cancel out of this and have no projects started and check Device Setup, my MIDI ports show all 4 Motif XF8 ports but for some reason I lose ports 4 when opening the project template.

Perhaps that’s by design - but then I still get a ‘Port Open Error’ message when the Motif VST is launched - any ideas what might be causing this?