Missing most of presets in Cubase LE AI 12

Hi, I’ve just reinstalled and ran setup.exe as administrator. But majority of the presets -same as before- are missing. For example, for vocal presets, I only have male rock lead, standart male, vocal fx distortion and one more male vocal preset. Can you help please? I use Audient iD4 and Windows 11.


Did you download and install all the content?

Hi, yes I installed Cubase LE 12 from steinberg download assistant.


Did you download and install all of the components? Our just Cubase?

I installed cubase and halion


Again, install all the content, please.

Hi, I tried installing all of the content. I contacted audient support and they suggested something but they were not sure so I didn’t try. All of my presets can be gone if I try this:

"If you are refereing to the track presets then I did find the following fix online:

First fully Quit Cubase, dont just close the window. Now go to the following location on your PC:

(C:) > Users > yourusername > AppData > Steinberg > Cubase 12_64 > Defaults.xml

To access “AppData” if it is currently hidden, Go to “View” and make sure than “Show Hidden Items” is selected.

Then simply delete this file.

Re-open Cubase and the fiule should be re-written fresh and will resovle the issue.

Please note that this is only an answer I’ve found online and isn’t something ive tried myself so just proceed with caution when doing this. "

Also they said contact steinberg support but I couldn’t find any email support system so I came here. Do you think I should try this or is there something else I can do?