Missing MSB and LSB in release 1.1.30

Dear all,
I’m new here in this forum and have some problems with VSTL.
I connected two external devices to my mac mini, an Yamaha S90XS and a Nord electro 5D. In the former version of VST Live I saw in the interface for layers settings for PRG change, MSB and LSB to change the sounds of my external devices. In the last update there is only a field for PRG Change and I cannot change my programs anymore.

hi there,
those controllers are redundant. Open Layer/Layer Controller Map, there you find cc#0 Bank Select MSB, and cc#32 Bank Select LSB. Set the “Send” value to the desired number and it will be sent just like with the previously available items in the Layer. PGM CHG is still availble as before.

Oh and Micha just pointed out that you may also use the new Quick Controls (little dot at the bottom left of a Layer).


Many thanks, it works.