Missing Note Performer mixer in Dorico 4

Hi there,
Hope its not a silly question, but in Dorico 3.5 the Note Performer mixer would automatically appear when used as playback. Now in 4, I get 3 channels of instruments and 13 channels of midi with no mute or solo functions. Am I missing something here?

See my explanation here, does that clarify things?

Not sure. In Windows 10, Dorico 3.5 I remember the dedicated Note Performer mixer with full functioning mixer channels for all instruments. Now it looks like a limited Dorico version of the mixer. I’m primarily a Sibelius user, but can only tolerate Note Performer playback and am trying to become more adept at Dorico because of the instrument capability.

‘I can’t pull up its custom interface, which used to be accessible via the “e” button’
in Windows 10 21H1

Well what do you know. I just tried the ‘e’ buttons again and now the Note Performer interface mixer window has appeared! Seems to be a small glitch but good to go for now.

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