Missing notes

Does your project have repeats in it? I can’t reproduce this problem in a project without repeats. We’ve got a fix for the case with sfz and repeats, so it’s possible that you are just seeing an artifact of this.

Yes it has repeats, it is the project posted in this thread in #p1001132 from measure 237.

Ah yes, I can reproduce the problem with that, so I’ll take a look.

Thank you!

OK. I extracted a brass instrument from the piece. The problem can be found from rehearsal mark 32 onward. I tried to attach the file but it said it was too large… here is a link: https://we.tl/t-yGuYmzS2Y8

Some context If it might matter: The piece was started in Finale, and then, eventually, it migrated to Dorico through an xml file. I do not yet know to work/fiddle in Play mode, but I tried different things (probably noobish things) that didn’t seem to work…

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sending that. I can confirm that this now plays correctly in our internal builds.