missing option in the mixer "agents"...

i expected to have the option to hide all muted channels in the mixer, under “agents”, but unless i´m missing the obvious, it´s not there!?
would be a great addon though!

+1 – nice idea!


+1 please Steinberg.

I guess I’ll get yelled at for this, but here goes.

It would be nice to hide/show soloed channels only, listened channels only, channels with automation read and/or write enabled or disabled, or whatever permutation you can think of.

Instead of asking the developers to add a this single option to a single menu to do a single thing, do one of the following:

Create a Project Logical Editor preset that selects events whose property of muted is set.
Create a macro key command that runs that preset and then invokes the hide selected channels agent.


Make a feature request to have configurable mix console ‘agents’ with presets. (in English ‘agent’ doesn’t seem like the right word unless it can represent my wants in myriad ways, like my lawyer, who acts as my agent. :wink: )

Well, there are a couple limitations to this, related to focus:

the Mix console has to be set to Always on Top for the selection to work.

All the tracks have to be in the same track list, so if you have the track divider turned on tracks not in the currently focused list won’t respond to the selection command.

You are right!

For other users, I prepared this.

Creating of Logic Preset

  1. Open Edit > Project Logical Editor
  2. Choose Tracks > Delete Muted Tracks
  3. At the bottom of the window, change Function Delete to the Select.
  4. Save this as your own preset. Name it Select Muted tracks.

Creating of Macro

  1. Open File > Key Commands
  2. Click to the Show Macro button, to display Macro part.
  3. Click to New Macro button.
  4. Name your macro, lets say Show Muted Tracks only.
  5. In the upper part, find Select muted tracks (or how did you named it), under the Process Project Logical Editor folder.
  6. Click to Add Command button.
  7. In the upper part, find Agents: Show Only Selected Channels, under the Mixer folder.
  8. Click to Add Command button.

Your onw shortcut

  1. Open the Macro folder of the Key Commands window.
  2. Find your own macro, you just made (I named it Show Muted Tracks).
  3. Click on it.
  4. Click into the Type in Key, and press the shortcut, you want to use for this. I have been selected Cmd+Ctrl+Option+M.
  5. Click to the Assign button


If you want to display Soloed tracks only, its very similar. Just change the Logical Preset.

Instead of the
Propety > Property is set > Event is muted

Property > Property is not set > Event is muted

…in the second row of Filter Condition.

Save this as Select Soloed tracks. And create new macro for this.

Hope, this helps!

Screenshots attached.
Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 16.38.36.png
Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 16.38.12.png