Missing options for audio mixdown in Cubase Artist 11

Hello, i have a problem with mixdown - look at pics please…
Its my mixdown window - i cant export few audio tracks, and its poor…

My cubase: Artist 11
I need a help!

What’s wrong with it?

Everything! Its “normal” mixdown window… I dont have chanel selection and must export every tracks manually…

If you want to export multiple tracks/busses, you need to select that ‘Multiple’ tab at the top first.

I dont have that choice - thats problem… Look at first photo plz.

You’re using Artist. I could be wrong but isn’t advanced audio export (multiple stems) Pro only?

The function to print separate tracks/stems is in Pro version only.

(Opcja multi jest dostępna tylko w wersji Pro. Artist to takie “Elements” z paroma dodatkowymi samplami. Lepiej przenieść się na Pro.)

Dzięki wielkie za wyjaśnienie :confused: ale przynajmniej nerwów i czasu na poszukiwania rozwiązań oszczędzę. THX!