missing original Grooveagent ONE kits in full Grooveagent 4

I have seen a few posts about this but nothing seems to be solving my issue with this.

It seems the only kits that show within Grooveagent 4’s mediabay are the Allen Morgan Signature Drums presets x30 & none of the original GA ONE kits are showing (Big Beat, D&B etc). I have tried fresh installs of all my Steinberg software. Removed previous versions of Cubase, fresh installed Cubase 8 Pro + updates, Halion 5, Grooveagent 4, Wavelab Elements 8 & Instrument sets in case any previous installs were causing issues in the file system.

Nothing seems to be working. I can see the 3 Grooveagent ONE vstsound files in the same place as the Allen Morgan vstsound files, but nothing i try seems to allow me to open those original kits within Grooveagent 4 either in VST mode or standalone.

I’ve tried rescanning within mediabay & nothing. Ive tried moving vstsound files around & nothing.

Has anyone figured out a proper working fix to get these kits to show up within Grooveagent 4 or do we need to use them within SE4 until something gets resolved by Steinberg?

Does anyone actually have them loadable within their GA4 mediabay?

What i did is collect and remove all the vstsound files from all over the place like C:\Users\NAME\Application Data\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound, and moved them all to another drive folder, in my case called VSTSOUND. Then created shortcut files in that new folder for them, and moved all these shortcuts back to the original folder above. It seems all my VSTSOUND files were addressable that way.

PS I recall seeing some Allen Morgan stuff in the past with older Cubase and Groove Agent versions, being named as such, but could not find them by name. Maybe Steinberg wants you to pay once again for stuff sold to you before LoL?

I find the way stuff is organized today VERY confusing. Bought Groove Agent 4 a while ago, thinking it should be nicely integrated with Cubase 8 and later 8.5, especially for the naming thing in drummaps etc. I gave up, and bought EZ drummer and work with that mostly instead, far easier. - F