Missing Padshop files

Evertime I open Cubase 10 I get the attached popup window. I find the file, but it says it’s not possible to create a link to it. I can’t make the link in Steinberg Content Manager either. Any suggestions?
Screenshot 2019-09-03 at 14.57.22.png


You can copy the file manually from Cubase Full Installer package. Or you can run Cubase Full Installer again.

Thanks Martin. It’s not missing, it’s right there in the Padshop folder. It’s just not being seen and won’t link

When I locate the file, it produces the attached popup
Screenshot 2019-09-04 at 12.00.46.png


Are you sure you copied the file there? Or did you make an alias?

yes, the actual files

All sorted now. I think the issue was with using System Linking in order to move vast libraries off my hard wired system drive made necessary by older versions of Cubase. There seemed to be an issue with the new Library Manager and remnant Syslink shortcuts.

And with Symbolic links?

Sorry, yes, don’t know why I said Syslinks. I meant Symbolic links. Thanks for pointing that out.