Missing Patch Name Scripts

I’m having difficulty finding the Patch Name Scripts I created in MidiQuest. They appear to be in the proper format (.txt) but although I copy them into the proper folder (users/user/AppData/roaming/Steinberg…etc) they don’t appear in the Midi Device Manager Install Device window… appreciate any help.

Hello and welcome to the forum,

I understand you want to setup an external instrument.
For this, you need to create an external instrument like here:

and you have to use the MIDI Device Manager to connect the output
Studio > More Options > MIDI Device manger (where you will find the Patch Name script when you click ‘Install Device’

Check this great YouTube tutorial as well:

I think this is exactly the part that doesn’t work for @markgonz65 and why he started the topic.

Yes, it’s less about “External Intruments”, i.e. being able to treat hardware synths just as you would VSTis, and more about the (much older) feature of being able to select patches on a device connected to a MIDI track via a drop-down in the Track Inspector.

On Windows, there’s long been the oddity that the scripts go into a folder called “inactive”, so it’s


Yes, that’s what this accomplishes.

I put a script her:
C:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 12_64\Scripts\Patchnames
And I find it in the ‘MIDI Device Manager’ so I can use it (and indeed it allows to change patches from within the inspector).

Problem solved… it’s a naming convention issue while exporting into Cubase Patch Script from Midi Quest. Use all lower case and keep the name simple, like “tx-802” instead of “Yamaha TX-802 Internals”, etc.

Hmm, I’ve got patch lists straight out of MQ12 with their default names like ‘Waldorf Microwave II XT’, ‘Novation Bass Station 2’, ‘Sequential Prophet Rev 2’, etc… and they all work perfectly fine here.

The device name can be any string that follows [device name] , upper or lower case, including the space character … e.g

[creators first name]Steinberg Soft- und Hard GmbH
[creators last name]Steinberg Soft- und Hard GmbH
[device manufacturer]YAMAHA
[device name]Yamaha DX7 II
[script name]Yamaha DX7 II
[script version]version 1.00