Missing patch - please help

Hello folks - I moved to a new laptop and deleted files on old computer that I should have kept. This is not on the patch list and can anyone please tell me which library I can get this back on. I tried a google search with no luck.

I had a look on my system and 29 Min Jupiter seems to be a kit in Rock Pop Toolbox

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Thank you very much Nico, I have now managed to retrieve

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@Nico5 not to pile-on, but I’m having the same issue and this is the last lifeline after hours of googling!

The kit I’m looking for is called ‘8 Bit kit’. I have a suspicion that it’s an old kit from a previous version of Cubase, as I’ve been upgrading since v5. If you could confirm whether you have it, that’d be a huge help.

yes brother its Allen Morgan Signature Drums

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As @curness69 already mentioned, the Allen Morgan Signature Drums library contains
8 Bit Kit 1 and 8 Bit Kit 2

There’s also a kit in the Beat Agent library, called
8 Bit