Missing patches

Hi all!
I installed Halion on a second computer and ran into a problem. The Halion on the second computer is missing many patches. And, as a rule, these are very good patches, which I gave the maximum rating on the 1st computer. I copied both files (mediabay3.db and MediaDefaults.xml) from the 1st computer to the second one, the missing patches appeared in the list (moreover, with the correct rating!), but they are all marked with a red icon and are not available for load.

I copied the entire content library from the 1st computer to the second one, but that didn’t solve the problem either.
What could it be? What did I miss? Any ideas?

1st Halion
2nd Halion

1st computer: Win 10
2nd computer: Win 11

Please run the eLicenser Control Center and perform Maintenance by clicking the button to the top right.

Run the Steinberg Library Manager and check if the libraries have been installed correctly. The presets that can’t be loaded in this screenshot are from the Halion Sonic SE Artist, Hybrid, and Pro libraries (these are all part of the Cubase content) and the Halion 4 Factory Library.

Thank you!
I did not plan to install Cubase on the second computer, I did not intend to use it there. In any case, now I installed exactly the same version that I have on the first computer. Many presets have appeared, but some are still missing. I have never installed Halion 4, nor have I installed other versions of Cubase other than the Pro version. That is, we can say that on the second computer I have everything the same as on the first computer, except:

  1. Dorico 3.5
  2. (perhaps this is important). On the first computer, I installed the content of both Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3. The sizes are about the same, and I thought that the libraries duplicated each other and when installing the second library, the first one was overwritten (I’m not sure about this). On the second computer I installed the Halion Sonic 3 content library first, but when I found the missing presets I DELETE it and installed the Halion 6 content library. Maybe I didn’t need to delete the first library?
    (I executed Maintenance in the eLicenser Control Center and checked if the libraries have been installed correctly in the Steinberg Library Manager)

I should have asked, but is your Halion 6 licensed stored in a USB-eLicenser? If it is, is it the same as the one with your Cubase license?

The Halion 6 content download includes the entire Halion Sonic 3 library and some exclusive content which was originally part of Halion 4. “Romantic Strings XFade MW” is part of that content.

The rest of the missing presets are included with Cubase Pro, and I believe Dorico Elements or higher.

So you’re saying that you have Dorico 3.5 installed on this new computer? If the Dorico license is active, it might be just a matter of downloading its content, which you should do anyway if you can since it comes with some free Halion libraries.

Yes, I have the same USB-eLicenser for Cubase, Halion and Dorico.
I did not install Dorico on a new computer. My main computer is the first one, I use it for studio work with Cubase and Dorico. The second computer is for use on stage with Gig Performer, so I don’t want to install unnecessary software on it.
Despite the fact that I installed both Halion 6 and Cubase on a new computer, the “Romantic Strings XFade MW” is still marked with a red icon, but I’m unlikely to install Dorico because of it.
Thanks for your help! You really helped me a lot!