Missing Piano

Something happened last night. I had two trial apps (The Grand 3 SE and HSO) that expired on me over the holidays. I did record some tracks using those instruments and once I did an uninstall of both apps from the control panel, I was able to reopen my projects and reassign instruments to those tracks. I replaced one of the Grand pianos from The Grand with the YAMAHA S90ES piano in HALion Sonic. After it loaded that sound it completely disappeared from MediaBay or the instrument list. Not sure if I deleted it or what, but how can I get it back. I’ve done searches for it … nothing. Any suggestions out there? Thanks in advance!

Try having Media Bay rescan for presets, etc. Not exactly sure how to do it in your version but maybe a right-click on the tree/directory will work.

That worked Jaslan … thank you so much. A simple rescan put it right back where it was. Still don’t know how I managed to lose it to begin with, but that doesn’t matter now. All is working fine again! Hope I can return the favor one day! Happy New Year!

I don’t know why they disappear but glad you got it fixed.

Well Halion 5 is missing some good acoustic pianos… honestly Grand 3 SE should just be in there.


I tried the trial version of The Grand 3 and was fairly impressed. I may consider the upgrade. I’m also looking at the True Keys pianos as well. From what I’ve seen and heard they even give Ivory a run for its money.

I really liked TG3 SE.

But don’t feel like jumping thru hoops with anymore Steinberg software, their processes are convoluted. TG3SE 64 bit? Who knows? I don’t feel like researching, I get paid to do work, I am not going to use anymore of my precious time trying to figure Steinberg out.