Missing piccolo

Hi. I had this problem about 18 months ago and I fixed it in about 4 mins so I know it should be simple. But I just cannot remember how I fixed it last time. I have read the manual but somehow I cannot find the answer to my problem.I know that the combind wisdom in thie form will fix it for me.
So I have completed a score and on the setup you can see the piccolo exists and is in the full score.
It is also in the players list but it is not in the dropdown menu under the full score tab. On the right hand side of the screen it is also not in the layouts list layouts list so I cannot open it for individual editing or printing.
Any help is much appreciated.


Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 10.07.02

Add a new part layout (bottom of the RH layouts panel). Check the Piccolo on the Players list and any flows that you want to include.

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You just need to add a new Layout with the Piccolo Player assigned to it:

Many thanks Janus and Daniel.
I knew it was simple to fix.
It is always easy when you know how.

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