Missing Picture Icons In Mediabay

Hi All

For some reason the picture icons in Mediabay Right Zone do not display although the name of the vst or sample pack does. When selecting the name everything works and displays as normal. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue and reinstate the picture icons?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Specific file has to be installed to the content folder. Sure Cubase installation from the Full Installer, please. No worries, just the missing components (like this) will be installed.

If you install from DVDs, the content was on the 2nd DVD. Don’t forget to install it too.

Thank you for your reply Martin. Is there no other way than installing Cubase again from scratch, i.e. install the missing file? If not I will give the full installer a try.

Thanks Martin


You can copy the files manually. But you have to find them in the installer folder structure and you have to know where to put them. At the end it’s easier to let the installer to do it.

Thanks Martin very much appreciate the advice.