Missing "Playing Techniques" icons

Something’s gone askew on the treadle… My D3.5 Playing Techniques menu displays boxes in place of some icons. I found a similar earlier post but wasn’t able to discern how to address the problem. Things were fine earlier today. This problem occurs no matter what Dorico file I open.

I’m running MacOS 10.15.5, and FontExplorer X Pro 7.10.
Any help appreciated.

Have you changed the Music Font? The icons that are there don’t look like those of Petaluma, (or Bravura). If your music font doesn’t have those glyphs, then nothing will be displayed.

Yes, I’ve been cycling through the 3 fonts offered in the Music Fonts menu - MuseJazz, Bravura, and Petaluma.
Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 8.38.09 AM.png

This is not having any visible effect on my panel icons. If I choose Bravura as my Music Font, the Playing Techniques icons still seem to be using MuseJazz. Is it possible a configuration file got corrupted?

If it helps diagnose the problem, some Dorico files give me the font warning for italic being missing. I’ll happily set any italic style back to regular if it will help.
Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 8.38.09 AM.png

By the way, I notice that some Font styles in the Edit Font Styles dialog don’t display toggle switches next to the parameters. I don’t remember seeing this before, and it looks a bit weird…

Not sure if this is as designed, or if it might be related.
Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 8.49.02 AM.png

Every Font Style is based on the Default Text Style. If you select any Font Style and turn off all the switches, you’ll see the values that are set for the Default Text Style. By its very nature, the Default Text Style can’t have any switches; its values are the defaults. The same goes for the Default Music Font.

If there are any other Font Styles that aren’t showing switches, there’s a problem. If it’s just these two, that’s normal and expected.

I suspect that it’s showing the MuseJazz glyphs. I find that the palettes don’t always change font until I’ve closed and reopened, or even relaunched.

Thanks pianoleo and benwiggy. Both replies helped, and I verified that my experience reflects your comments. I did do some MusicXML importing from Sibelius yesterday, via the Dolet plugin, and I experienced a couple of crashes after, so that might have created some instability.

I still wonder how to “delete prefs”, if such a thing exists, as the Preferences can become corrupted in Pro Tools, for instance, and it’s a standard procedure there, to delete them to get back on track.

Dear falhousen,
You can revert to factory defaults, in every options window. Press alt and watch how the second bottom left button changes to “revert to factory”. However, I never read about corrupted preferences files in Dorico, so this might be a wrong guess…