Missing plug ins!!!

I upgraded from Cubase 5 to cubase 7. My Duende Classic plug ins, en external box from Sold state logic are missing. After opening a project In the warning box it says “plug ins could not be found” even though my plug ins are visible and installed and can be used but it looks like Cubase changed the path and doesnt recognize them. How do I change this? How do i find the right path? In cubase 5 my plug ins are located in the “OTHER” directory and when i click on it, i can see all my ssl duende plug ins. In cubase 7 the missing plug ins tab is located in the filter directory with the mastering uv22hr dithering device. Man so frustrating, please somebody help. Thanks.

I’m having the same problem after upgrade to CB 8. Did you get an answer? :cry:

In C8: open the plugins manager, click on the settings button in the down left corner (near the "i’ button). From there, you can set the right plugins path. Have fun.

There’s also a ‘Blacklist’ for plugins that didn’t get scanned properly before.

You can delete that file and Cubase should then rescan them, but try the advice above 1st.
In Cubase 7, go to Devices>Plug-in Information.
At the top left, you’ll see 3 tabs. One will be the VST Paths where you can check them out.

This can be found at Start Button>User - [usually your name or whatever you named your computer during the OS install]>Appdata>Roaming>Steinberg>Cubase 7.0 and look down near the bottom for ‘Blacklist’.

Ey up :slight_smile: Cubase 8 won’t find most of my plugins & I don’t know what to do, I’ve been here for hours trying to figure it out & I really need to make some music… I’ve set up the paths for the plugin manager to find them, but nooooo, I don’t know how you find the blacklist… I don’t know how you get to Appdata>Roaming>Steinberg>Cubase to look for the blacklist, please help. I’m running on windows 8.1 on an Intel 1.7 quad core pc & no Appdata thing comes up by the User…

I’m reluctant to install Windows 8 even though I have it, but I remember reading that there was a way to have the look of it resemble Windows 7, which would make it easier to find.

In the meantime maybe this will help:
What I do, is click start menu, [which again, you may not see the way it currently is], then up at the top of the right side column, my username is there.

In my case, when I installed the OS, I just called it ‘Jimmy.’
Once I click on that, it takes me to a list of different folders, of which one of them is Appdata. Many user settings of various companies and VSTs get stored in there, so it’s best if you can locate it.

Try doing a search, if possible, for the BlackList.

Or try Appdata, then.

If none of that works, start you own new post here specifically asking where to find the Appdata and/or BlackList folders using Windows 8.

Many here have installed W8, and should be able to help you out.

From my point of view there is an error in the installation process of cubase 8 using windows 8. If cubase is installed by a normal user, most of the presets and other stuff is missing. To avoid this, do the following

  1. uninstall cubase
  2. install cubase as administrator
  3. after the installation is finished, you will find under

„c:\users<name of administrator>\appdata\roaming“
„c:\benutzer<name of administrator>\appdata\roaming“

the following directories

“. \Steinberg”
“.\VST XMLs”
“.\VST3 Presets”

  1. if you can’t find the directory above, you have to enable the display of hidden directories changing the explorer options.
  2. copy the 3 directories into the normal users directory named

“c:\users<name of normal user>\appdata\roaming”

  1. now you can start cubase as a normal user and cubase will find all the missing stuff.

Thanks for the details tantris!