Missing Plugin and rename old cubase folders


For some reason My antares EFX disappeared on my cubase 9.5, dont know if it happened when I upgraded to 9.5.4 or if it was when I installed cubase 10.
regardless even if I point at the exact folder using the plugin manager it does not find it, and also this point to the folder only needs to be done with vst 2 and this plugin is vst 3.

I did read about a tip supposedly coming from steinberg to rename all my old cubase folders. However, I would like some more information before I start fooling around with that, I dont want anything to stop working. This is what I read in the comment section in a youtube video about missing plugins:

Steinberg guy told me to rename the various versions [folders]of cubase I’d bought over the years. I put 3 x’s before cubase 6 etc, & this renamed the 4 different folders for cubase 4-6-8-8.5 & 9. For a reason I cant understand all my plugins now showed up ok!

Can anyone reaffirm this and perhaps describe it a little bit better what I actullay should do. I have cubase 8 and 9 and 9.5 and 10.
Dont even know if the plugin shows up in cubase 10, haven’t had time to get started with v 10 yet

thanks for any help!


Could you check the Blacklist?