Missing plugin controls (Can't take picture for media rack)

Anyone experience this with certain plugins?

I can add Battery image, but Massive X has no camera button - Only difference I can think of is that Battery is VST2. But surely you’d expect VST3 to be the one that IS working, not the other way round?

Any fixes, anyone able to see if the same happens for them please? - thanks!

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I think this is a setting from NI… it’s not working at my system as well.
But as far as I can see now, only NI plugins are affected.

Battery and Massive X on my system. I don’t know why Battery is working on your system, but not on mine.

Yeah, I have some plugins from CodeFN42 - Free VST MIDI Plugins & More too that aren’t showing that section either.

It’s weird to be vendor related as I presumed that section at the top was just standard, and part of Cubase. i.e. not editable by the plugin dev. I’ve got big gaps in my nicely formatted list now [cries] lol :slight_smile: