Missing pluging (IAA)

Any solution for IAA not loading when I open a project?
it used to open on previous version

Hi Razmataz,

The pop-up says that the plug-ins could not be found on your device.
Could it be possible that they are not working (such as beta version which ran out after some time)?

Best wishes,

it’s been tested with a lot of different apps. stil gives me that error also after restarting

Ive got the same problem. Was ok before the update to 3.1. Now i wait a minute for a song to load to tell me i have 1 or more plugins missing. I dont know which ones it is refering to. But it was working before.

Hi Msirt,

Please note that we’ve just added the pop-up which informs you, that a plug-in is missing or not properly loaded.
Things have been the same before 3.1, but we no inform you via the pop-up.

Please check the which 3rd party instruments/effects are not loaded via tapping the appropriate instrument/effects buttons.
To solve the issue, please verify that the instruments/effects properly load when starting them by themselves (launching the individual apps).
Once done please restart Cubasis and re-load the project.

Hope that helps!


Same problem for me. I have to reload every IAA each time after loading CUBASIS 3. The icons are freezed , I need to unload and reload each IAA. Not simple !!!

Hi all,

Thank you for your messages.

Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the problem.

Please check the following steps, when using Inter-App Audio plug-ins with Cubasis:

  • Terminate the IAA stand alone app versions, when closing Cubasis
  • If an IAA plug-in does not load properly, launch its stand alone app version afterwards

Please note that these additional steps are required due to IAA issues, unrelated to Cubasis.
in this regard, it might help also to have a look at our dedicated Limitation of Inter-App Audio article.

If you still encounter issues afterwards, please share your project and detailed step description with us, to allow us reproducing the problem.
Please share these files via Dropbox or similar, and let me have the download link via private message.