Missing plugins after opening a project cross-platform

Hi everyone,

I collaborate with a friend remotely. He’s on a PC and I’m on a Mac. We’re both running Cubase 9 pro. We’ve been experimenting with BitTorrent Sync to be able to open and work in the same Cubase project on both of our computers. It works well enough, but when he uses FabFilter plugins on his tracks, Cubase cannot find them on my system, so I have t manually point Cubase to the plugin to load it. Also, even if he uses the same FabFilter plugin on multiple tracks, I have to manually point to the plugin on each track after opening it on my system, which is cumbersome.

Other 3rd party plugins we’ve used haven’t had this problem. Soundtoys plugs, for instance, always load without any issues.

So, I have two questions:

  1. Any idea why this would be happening with the FabFilter plugins?
  2. Is there an easier way to point Cubase to where the plugins are on my system when the problem does occur?

Thanks, everyone! I’m new to Cubase (just switched over from Logic) and am still trying to learn the program.

Hi and welcome,

On Windows, you can define own custom paths for plug-ins. Is FabFilter installed in the default path or is it installed in a custome one?

What do you mean by manually pointing to the plug-in? Simply re-loading the plug-in from the drop down menu in the inspector or do you see any kind of “please choose plug-in location” dialogue message, that alllows you to re-establish the link like with missing samples?

I haven’t had issues with fabfilter, but brainworx bx_digital V2 won’t open on windows in projects created on mac. :frowning:
Haven’t found a solution yet.

Things to check: Are you both using the latest updates of you ff plug-ins? Are you both using the same VST version of the plug-ins (VST 2/3)?