Missing Plugins betweet Cubase on mac and Windows

Wonder if anyone can help me.

I’ve installed Fabfilter plugins on my pc running windows 7 and on my Mac at home. I’ve worked on a project at home using some plugins. When I get to the studio, and open the project here to continue working, Cubase says that the plugins are missing.

Note that the plugins are installed on both thePC and the mac. I can see them on the plugins, i can reselect it then it loads. Its seems that cubase identifies them as different plugins??

How can I or steinberg fix this?

You may also want to pose the question to FabFilter support too, just in case.

Do other plugins work, without ending up missing, between the two systems?

Maybe somehow you installed Mac plugins on the Win 7 machine?

I think most likely that when you save the project on the mac at home it redifines the path where the plugins are to be found, and when you try and open it in the studio on the PC, it doesn’t find them in this redefined path - most likely the path definitions are different on the two systems. Perhaps these can be synchronised on the two systems?

Yea this happens to me with voxengo gliss EQ