Missing Plugins for cubase LE 5

Hi there guys

I hope you might be able to help me, Ive had cubase LE 5 for a while now, received it with the installation of Lexion Lambda and Lexicon Alpha, however just recently a friend had mentioned to me several plugins he uses on cubase 5 that i just do not have ? 2 examples as such is the DeEsser plugin, and the Roomworks plugin, the roomworks that I have says roomworks SE and only contains 2 input changes to make such as mix and reverb time, while most guys i see are using a different roomworks that came with cubase containing way more input and effect opportunities.

If any of you perhaps understand my situation or have any advice or ways to work around this are receive these lost/missing plugins pllleeaaasseee let me know i’d be truly greatful!

Thank you


Hi and welcome,

Cubase LE is “Light Edition” version. There is no DeEsser, and I think also Roomworks is there just in a limited edition - Roomworks SE.

The only solution is to upgrade to higher Cubase derivative.