Missing plugins in 10.0.40 update

After updateing to 10.0.40 I was missing MasterRig-plugin. I checked with my previous 9.5 version, which I still Have on my comp, and the plugin was there. Then I noticed that I also was missing a lot of other plugs.
So I tried to reinstall the 10.0.40 but it didn’t change anything.

I check with my element version on my LapTop, and there it was missing also.

Then I uninstalled wavelab 10 from my comp, and made a new full install of 10.0.20 , and suddenly everything was fine.

Installations was done via the Download manager!

Strange, but try again installing 10.0.40.
All plugin registration is cached inside AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 10.0\Cache\plugin-registry.txt
This means this is the only file you need to backup/restore. No need for a full reinstall.

BTW, what CPU do you have?


—My Laptop:
I uninstalled WL 10.0.40. (WL Elements)
Reinstalled WL 10.0.20 , and then updated to 10.040.
Voila - everything seems to be ok - VST3 plugs was there.

—On my desktop:
I uninstalled WL 10.0.40. (WL pro)
Reinstalled WL 10.0.20 , But I was still missing my Steinberg VST3 plus (MasterRig and more)

So I did a rescan in WL’s Preferences/plugin/general page of
-C:\Program Files\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 10.0\Factory Presets\Plugins , and
-C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5
And the plugs was there
and then I updated to 10.040.
Voila - everything seems to be ok - VST3 plugs was there.

System, desktop:
Win10 home, Intel(R), core ™ i7-5820K CPU@3.30GHz , RAM 64GB , 64-bit OS x 64-based processor

Good. And your CPU is ok, that was not the problem.

The CPU is ok it seems. Never had any problem With that. My comp was buildt (2015) especially for Music-making as a DAW.