Missing Port with new Project - USB Mic and Speakers

Cubase Elements 6, Win 7 64-bit

I’m new to Cubase, so please forgive my ignorance here. When I start a new project, I always get the ‘Missing Port’ screen for Microphone and Speakers. When I click on the ‘Unmapped’ field, I get a drop-down of available devices. The problem is that the two devices I have connected are not listed; only the internal mic and speakers are listed.

I know the mic/speakers work, as I can launch Audacity and can record and playback using the devices. I’m not sure why Cubase isn’t recognizing them though. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance,

Are the devices turned on before you launch Cubase?

Yes. I had Audacity running, using both devices. I closed Audacity and launched Cubase without changing anything with the devices or basic system settings. I never could get Cubase to “see” the devices and eventually closed it. Then launched Audacity again and could use both devices immediately, without doing anything other than clicking the Record icon.

I’m baffled. But again, I’m new at this and am probably overlooking something pretty simple.


USB Mic’s are not ideal for DAW setups and I would not recommend them for Cubase users. > :frowning:
Instead I would recommend an ASIO audiointerface and a mic with a common XLR connection.

Seriously? I specifically bought the USB3.0 mic, as that is what the guy at the sound store recommended for Cubase Elements. Sigh…

Thanks for the info. I’ll download the drivers and give it a shot.


Obviously the guy at the store does not know what he’s talking about!