"Missing Ports" message when opening C11 project

Hey Guys,

Don’t know why, when I try to open a project now I have a pop up window that says “Missing Ports”
In the Audio connections I can’t see anymore my audio interface (Steinberg UR242) ??
I have re-installed the lastest Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 2.0.4 and re-installed the UR242 firmware but nothing?? This is the first time it happens to me.
Except Cubase, everything works great (Dorico, Halion in stand alone, Kontakt in stand alone, Reaper)

Any help?

Audio Connections won’t see it if it isn’t set as your Audio Device in Studio Setup

My hero!!! Haven’t been there since it was in Preferences…
Thank you sooo much!

I just epxerienced this issue with Pro 11. Missing audio ports. The fix is described on this page.

That does the trick! Thanks.