Missing ports

Mapped ports says, unassigned, why, and how do i solve that, how do i know what to assign to where inn/out?
On a Mac 10.6.5 and CI2, cant hear any playback sound either… Thought this was just plug and play :confused:


it’s not plug n play. You need to install the Tools for CI2. Please find the latest version here:

Hey neighbor
Its really doesn’t seem to always be plug n play. You need to figure out the routine to make sure the thing is set up right for the project. You can save a default and this will help for future use. The problem you are having is setting up the “busses” which is confusing to almost everyone including me. Go to device setup and make sure you are using the Steinberg driver. Then go to the grid where the ports are.You will have to assign input and output, they have different tabs. The ouput you assign to R/L stereo out unless for some reason you want to set it up mono. On the input you choose the Steinberg device then configure the busses. I make one “stereo” bus using both inputs 1 and 2 and two mono busses using input 1 and the other input 2. The software will prompt you for this and offer these choices. Then I save this configuration so next time I can just recall it. Really, you just have to check this on every new project to avoid frustration. Once you figure it out it is not a problem. You may have to dicker around with it until you get it, then you will have a “Eureka” moment. I’ve set this up on both a Mac and a PC laptop.

Another thing. When you create a new audio track in Cubase or your other software, you will need to assign that track to a “buss.” When you do this, you will see the busses you created and choose either your stereo bus or one of your mono busses. This connects your track to your input device. All of the automatic stuff only happens if you choose one of the preset scenarios in Cubase such as “Singer/Songwriter.” As with most presets, it usually doesn’t work out right so you have to create your own and thats when you have to manually configure things. If you are using a new version of cubase with those scenarios though, you might start out with one to see how it sets itself up. I am assuming you have installed the “tools” as above. Good luck – did you survive “bike week.”