Missing presets for 3rd party plugs after upgrade.

Hi All,

Just upgraded to Cubase 7.5 from 6, now all my (3rd Party) vst 3 presets are missing. Found all my “Steinberg” presets, but can’t find the ones from 3rd party vendors like SSL, Softube, ect.
Anyone got any suggestion/clues/hints?

Thanks to all,


Try a rescan in media bay…

Hello Mike,

if you have 3rd Party plug-ins installed in custom folders or in the Vendors’ folders, you will probably need to add their paths under Devices -> Plug-in Information -> VST2.x Paths.


Right on the money CWS!
I didn’t realize that with vst3, all presets are now tied to the Media Bay.

Thanks, Fabio, yeah had done that. The problem was not the plugins but the presets. CWS steered me in the right direction.

Best to you,

You are welcome Mike !

I misread your question, sorry for that. But glad you’re sorted now :slight_smile: