Missing Presets from VST3 Plugin Alliance plugins

I have a load of Plugin Alliance VST3 plugins that are missing their factory Presets. A very few do still have them and I can’t see any logic as to why some do and most don’t regards when I installed them, ie, some newly installed do, most don’t, some older installs do, most don’t. Most VST2.4 versions do have the presets, but not all of them.

I’ve no idea how long this has been going on because I don’t use presets very often. I only discovered it when I was trying the Chandler amp sim and thought I’d skip through the presets, which are not there in either version. PA have been informed, but I wondered whether anyone knew of this problem?

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I have had this problem too, since a Cubase update
No help from Steinberg, as usual

I also had this problem with the plugin alliance. PA confirmed this issue and it is now fixed if you download their latest installers. if you dig a little deeper they at least had their presets available for download too

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Thanks very much. That is good to know. I’ll try a full re-install. The guys at Plugin Alliance are really helpful.