missing presets

My Cubase 5 crashed and after that I lost all the factory presets along with my personal presets.

Can anyone help me or give me some advice how to fix that?

Thanks in advence.

I’m join to the request. i’ve lost some prestes also

Open Media bay and re-scan the folders where your presets reside.

Tried, but it doesn’t help. Still missing personal presets I made for Insert effects slots and also missin general, common eq and all other vst presets.

I found this in manuals, but no luck anyway - Open Sound Browser and refresh Midi media type. I got 0 track and plug ins effects.

where is the folder in which the insert prestes are saved?

can somebody please help me?
what dissapeared for me are the prestes i made for the inserts slots.
i mean presets for all the insert section. not for specific insert plugin.

They are not in a folder, they are saved ( all of them, also the new inserted ) in one specific file. I found that once in a past, but now can’t find which file it was. So, if Steinberg can tell us, we can save this file and have a copy for such cases.

ok. thanks bro!