Missing Presets

Installed HALION SONIC 7 etc. fresh on my new PC and get lots of ‘missing’ presets (See Pic)
I installed all the packages via Download Assistant
I think this problem may have been posted before but when I looked about I found the solutions a bit confusing tbh
So can someone please tell me:

  1. Why these appear to be missing?
  2. If this can be cured and if so (in easy step by step instructions…how to)
  3. Or it may be just the way it is now in Sonic 7 …in which case, how do you suppress seeing the missing ones?
    Sorry to be a bit thick!

BTW I also own HALION 6, but was told yesterday by Steinberg that the New SONIC supercedes this older version now…so basically for me, HALION 6 is redundant…